Tech Cocktail Mixology

Last week I went to the Tech Cocktail Mixology conference in DC.  This was my first Tech Cocktail event.  I’ve been meaning to start getting to them for a while, and I’m sure that we’ll be attending more in the future.  There were a whole host of speakers, I’ll get to the highlights, but I had a couple... Read more >>

Multi-field extractions in Splunk

As a SysAdmin, one of the cooler tools that I’ve worked with is Splunk.  A project I’m on indexes absolutely every log that it generates into Splunk, from firewall logs to system logs to custom application logs.  Splunk does an excellent job of identifying the format of the data we ingest and automatically extracting fields for log types that... Read more >>

Railsconf 2011 is a wrap

Railsconf 2011 was great.  Dan Pilone and I gave our talk on Wednesday about our experiences taking the NASA ECHO project from Java to Ruby on Rails.   Dan has given talks to large audiences before but this was my first time speaking to such a large group.  The Railsconf audience expects great content so the pressure was high on... Read more >>

Railsconf Update

Much of Element 84 is attending Railsconf this week, with Dan & Jason giving a joint talk tomorrow. So far everyone is learning a lot, and we’ve been able to speak with folks at Pivotal Tracker (which we use all the time) and Engine Yard (we’re EY partners). It’s great to meet these folks in person!


Metaprogramming in Objective-C

For the past few months I’ve gotten the opportunity to develop in Ruby and experience first-hand the awesomeness that is Ruby on Rails. I’ve been keeping up with my normal iOS development and would be lying if I said RoR development hasn’t changed my Objective-C habits. Ruby/Rails development has drilled into my head ideas such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself),... Read more >>