iHomework v2.5.2 Submitted

- ppilone - iOS Development

We’ve submitted version iHomework 2.5.2 (iOS) for App Store review. This update addresses a migration issue when enabling iCloud and a few other tidbits that should improve the quality of the application. For users still waiting for the Mac update: we’ve submitted an expedited review request in hopes that Apple will speed up the review time.

What’s in 2.5.2…

★ Adds: Next class option for deadlines (Regular schedule only)

✔ Fixes: Date picker positioning ✔ Fixes: Invalid date label positioning ✔ Fixes: Start/end times default to current and next hour ✔ Fixes: Duplicate or missing schedules ✔ Fixes: Calendar crash when missing assignment type ✔ Fixes: Crash at launch due to iCloud migration