Efficient Delegation Using the Objective C Reflection API

Recently I was working on a project to provide Lua bindings to the new Sprite Kit API in the upcoming iOS 7. This allows a user to write entire Sprite Kit games by creating and calling Sprite Kit objects from Lua. The underlying technique makes heavy use of the Delegation design pattern.

While delegation is a powerful technique...

Announcing VDD Core

I am pleased to announce the release of a new open source library from element 84. VDD Core is a Clojure library built to help enable Visualization Driven Development. Visualization Driven Development (VDD) is a new name for an old concept. VDD is the practice of using interactive visualizations to aid in understanding the execution of code.


Combining iOS and OS X Projects

Recently we decided to combine repositories for an OS X and iOS version of an application we’ve been developing. This decision came about after realizing that sharing code was breaking one application and our automated build wasn’t picking up the changes. There are a few solutions for sharing code between apps: static libraries, resource bundles, etc. Most come with all... Read more >>

Welcome Matt!

We’ve crossed a big line here at Element 84 this week with the hire of Matt Bialas. It’s the first time that we’ve had two developers with the same name (Matthew Crouch started a couple of weeks ago)! Matt B comes to us with a wealth of Android development experience and we’re very excited to have him on board.


Welcome Matthew!

We’re excited to be adding another team member, Matthew Crouch! He’ll be working on web development in Ruby on Rails, and he works on Android development on the side. We’re very happy to have him. You can follow him on Twitter @matt_crouch.


Github pull requests made easy

(Featured image from http://octodex.github.com/collabocats/)

One of the things that I like most about Github is how easy it is to contribute back to the projects that I use on a daily basis. Once I figured that out, I started forking repos and issuing pull requests every time I found a problem. In this post, I want to demonstrate... Read more >>

Using Git Log to Show Last Month's Commits

Every month, I have to produce a short bulleted list of tasks I worked on from the previous month. Usually I end up straining my memory trying to remember everything I did. The last time I had to make this list I realized that our git repository contained all this information. I had to find a good way to extract... Read more >>

Welcome James!

We have another fantastic new team member to talk about! James Norton has joined Element 84 and we’re very happy to have him. He has a background in C++ and Java programming and currently specializes in Ruby on Rails and iOS development. He will be working with several other team members on the NASA ECHO project. His full bio is... Read more >>

Lots of speaking going on...

We have several staff members with speaking engagements coming up and a meetup we’re hosting. I thought I’d pass them along!


Letting Go

I love deleting code. It’s one of my favorite maintenance tasks. Every unnecessary line of code in an application weighs on my mind like an unpaid bill. I feel a sense of glee when I get a chance to delete a feature we don’t need anymore. Every line, function, class, and feature has a cost. It costs additional time to... Read more >>