Updated Seizure Tracker is out!

A new and improved iPhone/iPod Touch App has been released on the App Store! Improvements include updates for iPhone 5, a new “more” navigation tab allows you to interface more directly with both Seizure Tracker and YouTube credentials from within the app and updated YouTube sign in. Please let us know if you have any comments, we’re looking forward...

Element 84 goes recruiting!

This week Paul and I went to Virginia Tech for our first ever job fair. Well, first time being on that side of the table, anyway. We have been spending a tremendous amount of time recruiting for the company to fill specific needs, but now we’re starting to try and look toward the future and grow some more junior talent.


Iterating over consecutive items with Underscore.js

Ruby’s Enumerable module has a useful method called each_cons. It’s useful when you need to perform an operation over N consecutive items. Here’s an example

Welcome Jeff!

We’re happy to announce that yesterday another great person joined our team! Jeff Siarto is coming on as both our first Web Developer and the first one with actual design talent :-) Jeff is a Web and User Experience designer, author of Head First Web Design and Head First Wordpress and an Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University. He was...

iHomework v2.6 Update

We’re excited to announce the release of iHomework v2.6 for iOS! The first thing you’ll notice when you open the App Store updates tab is the brand new iHomework icon. We think it looks awesome, and hope you do too.

Determining if a Spherical Polygon Contains a Pole

I’ve been working on a library for NASA that validates polygons describing areas on the Earth. The polygons are metadata for Earth Science data, such as images from an orbiting satellite. A polygon is represented by a list of points in counter clockwise order defining an outer boundary. The polygon can also have holes which are represented by additional lists...

iHomework v2.5.2 Submitted

We’ve submitted version iHomework 2.5.2 (iOS) for App Store review. This update addresses a migration issue when enabling iCloud and a few other tidbits that should improve the quality of the application. For users still waiting for the Mac update: we’ve submitted an expedited review request in hopes that Apple will speed up the review time.

Waiting For Torquebox / JBoss to Start

We recently started to use Torquebox on one of our projects. Torquebox is a Ruby application platform built on top of the JBoss Java application server. It has a lot of great features that you can read about on their website torquebox.org. Switching from a custom coded Tomcat environment for deploying JRuby applications to Torquebox has had it’s share...