iHomework 2.5.1 Approved

iHomework 2.5.1 has been approved and is available for download in the iTunes App Store. This update focuses on a few bug fixes and address additional iOS 6 and iPhone 5 issues that were present in 2.5. We’re still waiting on the Mac app approval, as it seems Apple is moving much quicker through iOS reviews. We have no... Read more >>

Every App Has a Story... including iHomework!

iHomework has been featured on Every App Has a Story, a companion blog to Wynsum Arts.  Wynsum Arts curates App listings and maintains the i.Am Search iPhone application to help autism and other special needs students find tools that can help them with their studies.  We were thrilled to learn that iHomework has the somewhat unintended consequence of being a great... Read more >>

iHomework v2.5.1 Submitted

Good news! Today we submitted iHomework v2.5.1 to the App Store for approval. This update includes a significant number of bug fixes and addresses some long standing issues with WiFi syncing. As soon as Apple reviews and approves the update it’ll be available in the iTunes and Mac App stores for download. Some of the issues addressed in this update... Read more >>

iHomework v2.5 Released

iHomework v2.5 has been released to the iOS App Store and should be showing up shortly! This update includes iOS 6 compatibility and introduces iCloud sync. The Mac update is still in review - if you’d like to continue syncing with the Mac version we suggest staying on WiFi sync until the Mac update is approved.


iHomework <3 Element 84

We’ve got two big announcements that we’ve been itching to talk about for a few months now. First, we’d like to announce that iHomework is officially a product of Element 84! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out iHomework, it’s a great tool for helping students of any age stay organized at school. You can find it... Read more >>

Mobile is the tip of a scalable iceberg.

At e84 we believe that mobile applications are the touch point for millions of users.  Bringing your data and services to those users can only happen if everything works from the server side all the way to the intuitive, usable app in the users’ hands.  We’ve built highly available, fault tolerant systems handling millions of transactions and exposing public facing... Read more >>

We speak, teach, and write.

We try hard to break the developer stereotype at e84.  Communication is a core part of what we do.  In addition to working with our clients, we take sharing what we do seriously. Our developers are published authors and frequent speakers at conferences and meetups.  One of our developers even created a pedagogy for a series of books.  The rest... Read more >>

More than clients, we have partners.

At e84 we partner with our clients.  From the first storyboarding session with sticky-notes on the wall to daily standups to weekly prioritization calls, you’re involved in every step of the process.  We have successfully used our agile development process with small startups defining their business up to large government contracts where high availability and fault tolerance are critical.


Connection Pool Thread Safety in Rails and JRuby

I work on a high volume Rails application that has a REST API for indexing and searching high volume science metadata. We chose JRuby to implement it because of the easy deployment to our Tomcat application server and our existing experience in the Java ecosystem. JRuby’s threading and performance characteristics didn’t hurt either. The application went live last January and... Read more >>