jQuery, .on(), and writing difficult JavaScript

One of the cooler facilities that the jQuery JavaScript framework offers is the on() method. (If you've been working with jQuery for a while, you may know on() by an older version, live(). If you've not used on() before, you're in for a treat… well, at least until you go crazy with it and someone else has to pick up... Read more >>

Seizure Tracker iPhone App Released!

We are pleased to announce that the iPhone app for SeizureTracker.com has been released and is on the App Store! There is a great write-up on SeizureTracker’s website. Element 84 created an app that fully syncs data between the iPhone and the website to allow epileptic patients to log all of their medication and seizure events in... Read more >>

Element 84's new office!

Things have been pretty exciting here in Element 84 land. We’ve moved into a new office, located in Old Town Alexandria. It’s a great location, feel free to stop by! Our new address is: 101 N. Columbus St., Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314.

This was one of those small business moments that we found to be really exciting. Having... Read more >>

JRuby and Metaprogramming with Java

JRubyConf 2011 was two weeks ago on August 3rd and 4th where I gave a talk entitled "Building the Magic Web Service". My presentation covered how the NASA ECHO developers built a Ruby gem using existing Java libraries to make SOAP web service requests. One of the topics my talk covered was the use of metaprogramming in JRuby with Java... Read more >>