Metaprogramming in Objective-C

For the past few months I’ve gotten the opportunity to develop in Ruby and experience first-hand the awesomeness that is Ruby on Rails. I’ve been keeping up with my normal iOS development and would be lying if I said RoR development hasn’t changed my Objective-C habits. Ruby/Rails development has drilled into my head ideas such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself),... Read more >>

Element 84 was started...

…not by a passion for an idea or a technology, but with a drive to establish the kind of place where we want to work. Where blogging and Tweeting and whatever comes next were good ideas, and not a waste of time. Where the people we work with are not just good, but awesome.  Where personal relationships are valued, between... Read more >>

Replacing a MacBook SuperDrive with an SSD

At Element 84 it’s pretty common for us to “just handle it” when something doesn’t go the way we wanted. That’s what happened this week with the recent MacBookPro refresh. A couple of us were ready for new laptops and were really itching for the rumored 16GB SSD + HD and higher resolution for the 13” MBPro. Obviously it... Read more >>

Loading NIC drivers in Hyper-V Core

This is a somewhat random post to put up here but maybe it will help save someone else time. I’m fascinated by virtualization and cloud technologies and recently virtualized all of Element 84’s infrastructure into an AMD based server running Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server Core 2008 R2. On the whole installation and setup went well with the exception of the built-in... Read more >>

Quickly move eWallet to iPad

This is pretty specific but something that I needed. If you're in the unique position of having an iPhone and an iPad (or touch) and use eWallet to keep track of your passwords but don't have a Windows machine to sync the wallets across, it can be kind of annoying. The current version of eWallet for iPhone/iPad/etc let you import... Read more >>

Interviewed on O'Reilly Radar

I was asked by O’Reilly if I’d offer up my opinion on developing for iPhone and iPad and the ecosystem around it. I take a pretty pragmatic view on the whole thing. I enjoy the platform and after spending so much time doing enterprise development, it’s really nice to be able to sell directly to consumers. There are risks, though,... Read more >>